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Single-board Z80 computer kit.

assembled single-board computer kit
Circuit board only: $16.60
Full kit: $95.00
Full kit, assembled and tested: $125.00

This kit combines the functionality of the Original Z80 computer kit with the serial interface and disk and memory expansion on one board. This allows you to run the CP/M operating system. With CP/M, you have access to hundreds of programs in the public domain. It also can be used as the system board for the CPUville 8-bit processor. For details, please look at the Single-board Z80 computer kit instructions. Also see this video comparing the original kit with the single-board kit, and this video showing the Single-board computer acting as the system board for the 8-bit processor.

As mentioned in the kit instructions, you need a number of programs to test the memory, and to load CP/M onto the disk for use in the Z80 computer. Here are the programs for download:







Listings of these files can be found in the Single-board computer kit instructions.

Here is a schematic of the Z80 Single-board computer using wires instead of global labels.